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What We Do

Through the use of Applied Behavior Analysis and Precision Teaching, we transform learning for students by increasing their cognitive strength and flexibility.

We serve all students, especially those who may learn differently, have struggled in traditional school programs, are not making progress, or who have diagnosed disabilities.

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Our Methods

Aim Learning Center infuses the science of learning and behavior, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), into our instructional techniques. We use many different types of curriculum, some of which we will create specifically for your student if needed. This attention to detail for instruction, combined with Precision Teaching for data analysis, sets us apart from other tutors and learning programs.

First, we decompose skills so that we can pinpoint the exact skills to strengthen.

Then we design smart practice exercises for students that focus on fluent performance of skills (accuracy + speed).

During sessions, we act as a coach for your student, providing fast-paced, direct instruction and encouragement and goals for the practice exercises.

Finally, we teach students how to chart their progress using a standardized measure. This increases student ownership over learning and teaches goal-setting. Students are also taught to analyze the data and make instructional decisions to accelerate their own learning.



The Process

We begin with a 1-hour assessment.

We pinpoint the specific skills on which we will focus.

We recommend a “dosage” for teaching sessions—both length of time and days per week, and set goals with your student.

Our ultimate goal is to work with you and your student to help your child reach their goals as quickly as possible.